Deluxe Sea Sweep
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NOTE: Dropships directly from manufacturer. This model comes with the Perimeter bracing/Acrylic Tank Lip mounting brackets. For standard plastic framed glass tanks, please see item SEAS-SWEEP-STD-D.  Rimless bracket is an extra $15 upgrade, so please make sure to let us know if for a rimless tank.

Seasweeps only work now with the new Tunze pumps that have the controller attached.  

Sea Sweep...Oscillates ONLY THE NEW GENERATION TUNZE STREAMS and Nano Stream Propeller Pumps with the removable plug from the controller

Side view of seasweep with Tunze 6205 with 6
extension. Standard glass tank mounting bracket shown.
Side view of seasweep with Tunze 6205 with extension cut down to 1.5". Perimeter bracing/Acrylic/Rimless tank mounting bracket shown.

After years of testing and many of our customers wanting to oscillate their Propeller Pumps, we have manufactured a product that will last through many years of operation in our Harsh environments!

 Now you can have the effectiveness of the very broad current generated by the High Quality Tunze’s and oscillate it 90 degrees instead of just having it producing a smaller core area of Linear Current. Imagine, Having your Propeller Pump reproducing a current just like a Wave....First, a ‘’Burst’‘ of water onto your Coral Polyps then a very ‘’Calm’‘ period until the next ‘’Wave’‘ Crashes a little later, creating the perfect ‘’Swaying’‘ Pattern! Your Coral’s will Thank You by growing quicker... The Polyps will Thank You by extending further, and your environment will Thank You by being much cleaner and healthier from the added slow oscillating circulation.

Used in conjunction with our oscillating water return product, The SEA SWIRL, your possibilities are endless for your circulation needs! Over fourteen years producing oscillating equipment for the aquarium industry and with our Superior Repair and Customer Service over this time you are assured of a Quality Product

MADE IN THE USA! We make it here....So America can make it!

The ‘’Uniqueness’‘ of this particular product over the DIY Versions is the Power Head cord is Un-seen when installed in the center of the hollow Threaded adjustable length black 6'’ extension pipe and routed through the Black Coupler and the Body of the ‘’Sea Sweep’‘ and out the Top. Extra Protection for the power cord is provided by a supplied piece of convoluted nylon sheath.
We will have Two ‘’SEA SWEEP’‘ Models available to fit anyone’s budget.

An ‘’Economy‘’ Model( 5.5'’L x 3.25'’ W x 2'’H) which will oscillate ONLY the NON-CONTROLLABLE Tunze Nano Streams (6015,6025,6045) and Tunze Stream 2(6065,6085) and the non-controllable older Square Tunze Streams (6060,6080,6000,6100,6200) and the Koralia Evolution Power heads.
The ‘’Deluxe’‘ Model (5.5'’L x 3.25'’W x 2.5'’H...½'’ higher than Economy) will oscillate ALL of the above mentioned Non-Controllable Models and the CONTROLLABLE FULL SIZE ROUND TUNZE STREAM 2 Models (6105,6155,6205,6305).....ALL the Controllable NANO STREAMS (6055,6095) AND the older CONTROLLABLE Square TUNZE STREAMS (6101,6201,6301) and the Koralia Evolution Powerheads too!

Each Model is Economical to operate... Only 3 watts.... and TOTALLY MAINTENANCE FREE! 6'’ of Threaded pipe to adjust the length of positioning of power head in the water column.

ALL Models come with our 1 year warranty and our Well Known Customer Service and our Superior Repair Department if needed.

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