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ME Coral Potassium 2 oz

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ME Coral
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ME Coral Concentrated Potassium (K) is a Pharmaceutical grade liquid Potassium for supplementing Aquarium Seawater.  Potassium depletion can affect coral coloration and growth.  After the proper maintenance of Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium at appropriate levels, Potassium becomes the next important number for best coloration in SPS corals.  Target Levels are 390-425 ppm.
Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis/DI Water,  Potassium chloride,  Potassium Sulfate
Concentration:  150,000 mg/L
Maintenance Dose – use 4-6 drops in a 100 L (26 gl) system one to two times per week.  Maintain level of 400-420 ppm.  Test appropriately.
Maintaining proper Potassium (K) can enhance coral coloration especially blues, and purples in SPS corals.  Natural Seawater is 390-400 ppm of K.   Aquarium target levels are 390-425 ppm.  Use a quality test kit to measure depletion.   Potassium is most effective when Ca, Kh, and Mg are maintained at appropriate target levels (Best done with ME Coral:  Ca, Kh, Mg).  ME uses the highest quality raw material, pharmaceutical grade.  This reduces undesirable impurities that may exist in lower grades.   ME also uses both K Chloride and K Sulfate to maintain balanced seawater levels of chloride to sulfate.

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