ME Coral Pellet Blaster Reactor
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The ME Pellet Blaster mixes perfect design, superior craftsmanship, ease of installation, versatility and near zero maintenance!  ME Blaster uses a proprietary designed pressure plate to evenly tumble every type of bio pellet (ME Bio-P is preferred) to perfection without the need for higher water flows, and completely negating the need for the recirculating design, The Pellet Master is the only reactor using  ME’s new pressure plate which brings better technology allowing ME to take Bio-P use to the next level.  The pellet blaster uses no sponges to ever clog or replace, instead using a highly engineered laser cut acrylic baffle with its own grid, keeping all bio pellets within the reactors chamber and out of your tank.
The ME Pellet Blaster is the ultimate pellet reactor!
13″ Tall. 5.5″ diameter
Start with at least 100 ml media
Requires 198 to 396 gph (750 to 1500 lph) pump
1/2″ hose barb inlet / outlet
For tanks up to 300 gal
No sponges needed
ME Custom design water inflow system
Easy to remove thumb screws
Internal or external use
Heavy Duty O-ring seal


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