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ME Coral Nitrate 1 Gal

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ME Coral
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ME Nitrates Regular Formula  
ME Nitrate (NO3) is designed to raise nitrates in Low Nutrient systems.  Some systems can become Nitrate (NO3) depleted which may starve corals resulting in loss of coloration or paleness.  Using ME NO3  will help raise NO3 to our aquarium target level without increasing phosphates.  ME has many size bottles available, and even a super concentrated version.  Test appropriately!\
In our efforts to reduce Phosphates via protein skimming, algae scrubbers, bacteria growing, etc;  many aquariums end up with little to zero Nitrates.  This is called a low or ultra low nutrient system (ULNS).    When this happens the system is NO3 depleted,  starving  corals.  Corals show a loss of color and get pale when NO3 starved.  By adding ME NO3 we give our corals and bacteria the nitrates they need to survive without increasing Phosphates.   Excessive NO3 also feeds algae (Coral is an algae).  If NO3 is already high in a system, adding more will only feed and grow more algae.  So the use of a good quality test kit is important.  Target .05-4 ppm.
Tip (8,16,32 oz,gallon):  To increase Nitrate (NO3) by 1 ppm;  in a 100 gallon system, add 20 ml
Ingredients:  RODI Water, Potassium Nitrate,  Sodium Nitrate,  Calcium Nitrate
Caution:  Not for human consumption or use.  Keep away from Children and Pets.   If swallowed do not induce vomiting.  Drink water.  Seek Medical help if needed.
Ingredients:  Reverse osmosis/DI water, Sodium Nitrate  concentrated to its maximum potential of 300,000 ppm
Please use a test kit to determine what level of Nitrates a system has before supplementing.  Then test again a while latter to see how much NO3 increased.   It is possible in very low nutrient systems, or some systems with heavy algae, or bacteria loads  like dynos, to not see NO3 increase in the water column because it is being consumed rapidly.  Continue to add until NO3 levels rise to desired level.

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