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ME Coral Iodine 2 oz

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ME Coral
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ME Iodine concentrate is a pharmaceutical grade concentrated additives for maintaining appropriate levels of Iodine in modern aquariums.  Iodine levels are quickly depleted by many aquarium inhabitants including corals, and algae.  Use ME Iodine to maintain natural seawater levels of .06 ppm Iodine in our Aquarium.
Ingredients:  Reverse Osmosis/DI Water, Potassium Iodine
Concentration: 10,000 mg/L
Maintenance Dose:  3-4 drops in a 100 L (26 gl) system one or two times per week
Iodine is used by Fish, Soft and Hard Coral, and Algae to grow. Iodine depletes quickly in modern aquariums and needs to be replenished for optimal coral coloration.  Iodine enhances Blue and Purple colors in SPS coral.  Iodine also helps coral tissue from strong UV lighting, and other adverse affects due to Iodine antibiotic properties.  Seawater levels are .06 ppm.  Test appropriately.

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