ME Coral Fluoride 2 oz
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ME Fluoride is a highly concentrated solution of Sodium Fluoride of the highest purity.  Aquarium seawater can become Fluoride depleted.  It is important to maintain fluoride close to natural seawater levels of 1.3 ppm.  Proper maintenance with ME Fluoride concentrate will be beneficial to both soft and hard corals.
Ingredients:  Reverse Osmosis/DI Water,  Sodium fluoride,  Potassium fluoride
Concentration:  25,000 ppm
Maintenance Dose: 2-4 drops in a 100 L (26 gl) system one to two times per week
F is a minor element in seawater utilized by corals and other tank inhabitants.  Depletion can slow growth and coloration in corals.  Fluoride is instrumental in coral calcification and calcium carbonate development.  F also aids in Zooxanthellae coloration.  Maintain seawater levels of 1.3 ppm.  Test appropriately.
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