ME Coral Bromide 2 oz
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ME Bromide concentrate is a blend of  pharmaceutical grade Bromide.  It is a minor element in natural seawater at 65 ppm.  Maintaining Bromide at appropriate levels is very beneficial for coral coloration and growth, protein synthesis, and skeletal development.  Bromide becomes depleted in Modern aquariums due to consumption by corals and algae, skimming, and other filtration.  Adding ME Bromide will assist advanced reefers in maintaining desired levels needed for optimal coral enhancement.
Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis/DI water,  Sodium Bromide,  Potassium Bromide
Concentration  100,000 mg/L
Maintenance Dose: 3-5 drops in a 100 L (26 gl) system; one to two times per week
Br is a minor element in Seawater at 65 ppm.  If depleted it will impede growth and coloration of corals.  Test appropriately.  Aside from the depletion of Bromide. some artificial sea salt mixes may be low in Br.  Test often.
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