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CoolWorks Ice Probe with Power Supply

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Ice Probe
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The ideal cooling solution for small aquariums.

IceProbe Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller
50 Watts of Cooling Power
Easy Bulkhead Installation (will need to drill)
Quiet, Efficient & Reliable
Environmentally Friendly

CoolWorks IceProbe is the ideal cooling solution for small aquariums (i.e. 55 gallons or less) and insulated bait/specimen tanks.

With its threaded probe, nylon nut, and silicon washer, the IceProbe can be easily bulkheaded through a 1.25 inch hole into syphon overflows, prefilters, sumps, or even directly into plastic aquariums.

In typical aquariums, one IceProbe can reduce the temperature of 10 gallons of water 6 to 8 F, 20 gallons of water 3 to 4 F, and 40 gallons of water 1 to 2 F. Multiple IceProbes are commonly used in aquariums over 20 gallons to achieve higher temperature differentials.

NOTE: This chiller does not include a controller. Usually if the chiller is cooling the water too much you can just set your heater up a little to compensate. They do offer an optional controller.


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IceProbe Thermoelectric Chiller

IceProbe Thermoelectric Chiller