Cobalt Aquatics Total Reef 13.5 oz
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Superior Rechargeable Pollutant Removing Resins for Marine Aquariums
Cobalt Aquatics' Total Reef combines the unmatched pollutant removing power of Total Organics and Total Nitrate for the ultimate in organics, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and metal removal. Specifically formulated for the reef aquarium housing sensitive stony corals, clams and invertebrates, Total Reef removes pollutants without negatively affected pH, calcium, magnesium or alkalinity. It will remove pollutants at low concentrations, making is ideal for use in Ultra Low Nutrient (ULN) systems. Composed completely of highly durable resins, Total Reef can be regenerated many times, increasing value and long-term use. Will not release bound materials when exhausted.
Will treat the following aquariums for up to 4 months:
8 oz - up to 125 gal
13.5 oz - up to 225 gal
22.5 oz - up to 400 gal
* Use 13.5 oz for each additional 100 gal
A blend of Total Organics and Total Nitrate. Removes organics, phosphates, nitrates, and silicates from water.
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