Cobalt Aquatics Total Nitrate 12.5 oz
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Rechargeable Nitrate, Phosphate and Metal Removing Resin
Cobalt Aquatics' Total Nitrate is a high capacity anion exchange resin perfect for removing nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, and metals from freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Made of highly durable resin, Total Nitrate can re regenerated many times, increasing value and long-term use. Will not release bound materials when exhausted.
Will treat the following aquariums for up to 3 months:
7.5 oz - up to 125 gal
12.5 oz - up to 225 gal
20 oz - up to 400 gal
* Use 12.5 oz for each additional 100 gal
Nitrate scavenging resin that rapidly removes nitrate, phosphate, and heavy metals.
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