Cobalt Aquatics Mini-MJ 404 - 106gph
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The Cobalt submersible Mini-MJ adjustable water pumps feature a compact design and smart power cord location that allows them to be easily placed in tight spots, including nano filtering systems, reactors, water features and other unique applications like terrariums and paludariums. High quality construction means years of reliable performance and extremely quiet operation. Thermo-protection design will automatically shut the pump down if it runs dry and starts to overheat. The smart, compact design with adjustable flow, low power consumption, and reliable performance makes the Cobalt Mini-MJ the perfect choice for almost any application. Measuring in at a mere 2.25” x 1.5” x 2.25” these pumps will fit just about anywhere!

Mini MJ 404:
5W Power Consumption
Adjustable from 18-106gph
29” Max Head

Mini MJ 606:
6.5W Power Consumption
Adjustable from 83-159gph
46” Max Head

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