C-BREEZE Air Blower
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Need to drop 3-5 degrees without wanting to purchase a chiller? The C-BREEZE Adjustable Clamp-On Air Blower is the answer for nano aquariums that require 3-5 degree drops in temperature. This innovative centrifugal fan quietly cools with a powerful wide mouth stream of air to speed up evaporative cooling.


Versatile Design

Simply adjust the 3 screws on the bracket and adjust the the head, arm, and base to fit any desired application. The flexibility of this small air blower is endless! Fits on the rear the portion of the 28g Nano Cube HQI. Quiet but Powerful

The C-BREEZE draws air in through the slotted side vent and exhausts 20 CFM of powerful air flow right where you direct it. The centrifugal fan design creates 3000 RPM ( Rotations Per Minute), while only producing 44dBA noise level. Utilizes a child safe 12Volt transformer, very safe to use around water.

The head of the blower can be adjusted 180°
The arm of the blower can be adjusted 180°
The the base of the bracket can swivel 360°
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