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CaribSea South Seas Base Rock Shelf 40 lb.

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NOTE: 40lb box will contain mixture of great looking pieces from small to large.. Each piece is cut smooth on one side. See the 2nd picture which shows the bottom of one piece.

South Seas SHELF Base Rock - Natural weathering processes form the fantastic shapes of South Seas Base Rock by the erosion and pitting of limestone over the course of eons. It is clean and safe for marine, reef and hard water freshwater aquariums such as African cichlids. South Seas Base Rock can also be an interesting and realistic addition to a desert reptile biome. 

Customer Reviews

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Great Scott, Great Rock! Oct 25, 2020
I thought I'd try this rock even though I there were not many reviews. I ordered 40# of base and 40# of shelf. I was really surprised how nice it is. When the package arrived, the pieces inside were in great shape (if that's important for you). In my case, this wasn't a big concern because I intended to chisel down almost all the pieces and re-glue and/or mortar them together in unique shapes for my tank. The shelf rock is a great option for creating both a stable base for your rock work or for creating great overhangs when used higher up in your structures. The rock is VERY porous and lighter than you'd expect, but it is also very "dusty" as you handle it. I rinsed mine off before working with it. Highly recommended!!
Love this Rock! Jul 21, 2020
Got 40 pounds last month from Petco and put it in Tank yesterday. Looks so good I had to get 40 more to really fill out my cichlid tank. Great Product that WILL raise your PH.
This rock ROCKS! Apr 22, 2020
I just received my shipment of this rock, and I must say I feared the worst when I heard it rattling around as the UPS driver carried it up my driveway. I was certain it had been dropped and reduced to gravel on it's way to me. I am very happy to say, "I was wrong." I immediately opened the box to inspect the contents. What I found were eleven rocks ranging from approximately 4" to 14", and a good pound of rubble that came loose along the way.
These rocks are extremely porous and light. I can not wait to start setting up my next reef and give aquascaping a shot with these. I nice alternative to the old live Fiji rock I always used in the past.
I highly recommend these to anyone looking for the most bang for your buck!