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CaribSea Moani Dry Live Rock - 40lb

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Caribsea Moani Dry Live Rock is the perfect solution for starting your marine aquarium with the benefits of live rock.
Moani will behave just like real live rock, providing your aquarium with vital biological filtration and a nitrification base, in addition to providing shelter for your aquarium inhabitants. Caribsea's open, porous natural rock structure is made from real rock -- no concrete products. This carefully earth-mined rock has no impact on aquatic environments.
Moani Dry Live Rock has a shelf stable, spored bacteria that activates upon introducing it into the aquarium. This bacteria makes it behave as live rock.

Customer Reviews

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Nice rock Nov 3, 2022
Nice rock to add as a foundation for the better rock. Bought to finish off the 180g.
Good rock! Jan 20, 2021
Ok now we're talking, this is some good rock! I've tried several others and really like this rock. It's a tad dusty like most of the others but just take it outside and blast it with a water hose, give it a dip in some RO water and pop it in your tank. It's got quite a bit of tunnels, holes and crevices for your critters to hide, dart in/out of and my tank is loving it. I'm here ordering my second box I like it so much. Highly recommended!