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Bubble Magus TS5 Dosing Pump

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Bubble Magus
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Bubble Magus Single Dosing Pump TS5
There are 2 modes on the TS5, one is pre setting and other is programable.
Foot Print: 3.25" x 5" x 5.5"
Stepper Motor With 3 Rotors
CNC Aluminum Pump Head Parts
12v 1A DC Power Supply
Unit comes with tubing, extra connectors, grease 
Calibration Setting
Pre Setting
Unit will dose from 3.5ml up to 40ml per minute.
Unit has preset to 20 setting
1- 3.5ml per minute
2- 5.0ml per minute
3- 7.5ml per minute
4- 9.5ml per minute
5- 12ml per minute
6- 13.5ml per minute
7- 16ml per minute
8- 17.5ml per minute
9- 19.5ml per minute
10- 21.5ml per minute
11- 24ml per minute
12- 26ml per minute
13- 28ml per minute
14- 30ml per minute
15- 32ml per minute
16- 34ml per minute
17- 36ml per minute
18- 38ml per minute
19- 39ml per minute
20- 41ml per minute
Can program to dose from 1ml to 3000ml per day
Can the amount can be divided into 1-24 times per day.

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