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Bubble King Cone 180 Protein Skimmer (Made in Germany)

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Bubble King
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For aquariums up to 160 gallons heavily stocked. Not recommend for aquariums under 80 Gallons.

Hard facts Bubble King® Double Cone 180:
adjustable Red Dragon® 3 Mini Speedy skimmer pump 50 Watt 1.500 l/h
Motor speed adjustable: 400-4000 1/min
Base plate: 22 cm x 28 cm / height ~ 53 cm

Technical data Bubble King® Double Cone 180:
Skimmer-pump: Red Dragon® 3 Mini Speedy pump 50 Watt 1.500 l/h
Delivery rate adjustable: max.1.500 l/h Air inlet and max. ~ 3.000 l/h Water inlet
wattage - active power: P = min. 15 Watt/h - max. 50 Watt/h
operating voltage: 110V/60Hz
Protection class: IP 68
Water level: ~ 130 mm up to ~ 250 mm
Weight skimmer: 6 kg inclusiv pump

Dimension skimmer without pump:
220 mm wide / 280 mm length / ~ 530 mm height
Dimension skimmer with pump:
290 mm wide / 360 mm length / ~ 530 mm height

Customer Reviews

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Bubble King dc 180 Oct 20, 2015
Skimmer is completely amazing! It took about a week to break in to produce consistent wet foam, I pulled off a Tunze 9410 from my 120 sps. Tunze is no match for the bubble King! I have mine set to 24 watts, and don't sweat the break in time!
Bubble Kimg Double Cone 180 mini speedy Jan 28, 2015
There is almost no information or reviews on these skimmers,so I decided to finally give some others some decision making power that I couldn't find anywhere! I bought this skimmer 2 months ago on sale for $900 which is only a little more than lesser made skimmers. This is my fifth skimmer and it is definitely the best so far. I am using it on a 120 gallon reef. It replaced an Eshopps s-150 cone which actually worked well without constant adjustments,however the sheer volume of skimmate the Bubble King produces is double. The skimmer is virtually silent. I will say that it barely fits in my All-Glass sump#4, so measure carefully. The adjustable pump is nice,however once set I don't think you will ever touch it again. Running mine at 24w. If cost is a factor go with the non-adjustable pump and probably be equally happy! Build quality is second to none(Eshopps skimmer is a joke next to this one) Cup requires very little clearance to unscrew and holds a lot of liquid. One thing not mentioned anywhere is that the pump comes with a little stand that goes under it to make it the correct height to the skimmer body. I thought it would introduce noise but the rubber feet on the pump isolate it perfectly. My suggestion to anyone serious about this hobby, skip the first 4 entry level skimmers and get one of these first.