Boyd's Chemi Pure Blue Nano (5 pack) - Resealable Pouch
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Chemi-pure Blue nano packets are the ultimate all-in-one marine aquarium filtration media packets available today! They are in easy to use, conveniently sized nylon packets that offer superior filtration and fantastic results in even the most advanced marine, reef and/or Jellyifsh aquariums. Chemi-pure blue combines the highest grade of low dust extruded pelletized activated carbon with premium ion exchange resins to product a synergistic formulta for the health and wellbeing of your aquarium inhabitants. Chemi-pure blue is capable of handling the toughest, dirtiest aquariums, yet gentle enough to be used in air driven, desk top jellyfish aquariums as well.

The new Chemi-pure Blue nano packets now give you a wide range of options to customize your filtration media needs. If you simply need a little extra power due to a slight rise in undesirable waste products, add a nano packet or two to your existing media to take care of it. These versatile packets can be used in the smallest of filtration devices or even placed directly in an aquarium in hidden nooks or crannies where the flow is sufficient to provide a constant contact area between the blue nano media packet and the surrounding aquarium water. The new Chemi-pure blue nano packets can be used virtually anywhere you can fit them, from large to nano sized aquariums to help maintain crystal clear aquarium water.

Quick Facts:
-All benefits of chemi-pure blue in conveneient 5 gallon pre-measured packets for nano reef and jellyfish aquariums.
-Small size can be used in a variety of available filtration units
-High quality, low dust carbon and high capacity ion exchange resins
-Raises redox & stabilizes pH
-Produces crystal clear water
- Reduces organic pollutants and phosphates

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