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Blue Life USA ORGANIC FX 250ml

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Blue Life
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Blue Life USA ORGANIC FX 250ml

What it does: Organic Fx consists of synthetic, macroporous resin beads designed to capture dissolved organic substances like tannins, organic acids and other medium to high molecular weight organics that accumulate in aquarium water. These organics discolor the water, reduce light transmission and degrade water quality. Nitrogen-rich organics eventually contribute to the nitrate level. Capturing and removing organics ultimately reduces the nitrate loading in the aquarium. You’ll be able to see the resin beads turn brown as organics are adsorbed into the porous spheres. Organic Fx can be regenerated several times with Regen Fx.
Who should use it: Organic Fx is highly effective in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The bag of media will drop right into an AIO aquarium system, sump or canister filter.

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