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Blue Life USA Aiptasia Rx

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Aiptasia Control is a simple, Veterinarian approved, and quick solution for controlling aiptasia and other nuisance anemones. This product yields results within minutes of application. Aiptasia Control is reef safe and will not alter the aquariums chemistry. When used as directed it will not harm any desirable aquarium inhabitants.

Shake well before using. Turn off all pumps, power heads and protein skimmers before dosage. Extract 1 cc/ml of Aiptasia Control using the supplied syringe. Gently place the syringe over the aiptasia without disrupting it. Apply the desired amount on top of the aiptasia. If results are not visible within 30 minutes, it is possible the dosage was too low. Wait 24 hours and reapply.

This product is not intended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. If ingested contact a physician or poison control center immediately.
- Reef Safe
- Works in Minutes
- Veterinarian Approved

.5 oz (15ml)

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Blue Life USA Aiptasia, Red Cyano, Phosphate and Flatworm RX

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