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BioTek Marine MP60 Gen 1 IntelliCover Fish & Anemone Guard

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BioTek Marine
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BioTek Marine IntelliCovers - High-Flow Safety Covers for EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10, MP40, MP60.
The BioTek High-Flow Safety Cover replaces the stock wet-side cover for your VorTech MP-series pump, providing safety for livestock without compromising pump performance or aesthetics.  
Unlike other after-market covers, BioTek marine’s cover is engineered to maximize pump intake surface area, allowing unimpeded pump throughput. Doesn't accumulate detritus like “sponge”-type covers and smooth surface reduces algae growth.  
Precision-manufactured in the USA with American-made, reef-safe black plastic. Locks securely to the VorTech wet side and removes easily for cleaning. 
Care: clean with a soft brush or sponge, soak in dilute vinegar or citric acid solution as needed for stubborn deposits.
Versions available to fit EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10, MP40 and MP60
High-strength black reef-safe plastic
Locks securely to wet side, won’t fall off during use
Easy removal and cleaning
MP10 will be 43mm by 70mm
MP40 will be 69mm by 105mm
MP60 will be by 81mm by 125mm

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