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Bashsea 60x15x16" Ferrari Signature Series Sump - RED - Includes Freight

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SHIPPPING NOTE:  This item will ship via Freight.  Once the freight truck arrives, you MUST inspect the contents completely before allowing the driver to leave.  This is especially important opening the box with the glass tank.  Damages must be written on the Bill of Lading prior to the freight driver leaving.  Not doing this may result in the trucking company refusing to cover any damages under insurance.  Which in turn, may leave you liable for replacement costs. 


Welcome to First Class!  
 You don't want to miss out on these excellent craftsmanship.  Bashsea spares no expenses and cuts no corner when it comes to their series of sumps.   All Bashsea sumps are CNC and laser machined using a 2-step properitorial welding process right here in the USA. Utilizing a combination of 1/4" and 3/8", 100% ultra grade, all American cast acrylic, these sumps are built to last and will make you want to remove the cabinet doors to show how jaw-dropping your system looks now. 
The trim around the top of the sump has trimmed cutouts all around to help organize all those cords from equipement, as well as holes for dosing tubes.
All sumps Skimmer Sections are fully adjustable with a built-in slide and include matala baffling material before the pump area for added biological value, microbubble management and to keep algae and debris from getting into the pump area!
All three signature series standard sumps include Bashsea Nylon 200 micron socks, and include full lids over sock area for noise reduction, evaporation and salt creep control.  Socks are located in the front of the sump for easy maintenance and for full viewing control and operation overview
Signature Series Specs:
Model Mano SS-Cube SS-30 SS-36 SS-48 SS-60
Dimensions 14x14x15" 20x20x16" 30x15x16" 36x15x16" 47.5x15x16" 60x15x16"
Drains 1 -3/4" Drain 1 - 1" Drain 1 - 1.5" Drain 1 - 1.5" Drains 3 - 1.5" Drains 3 - 1.5" Drains
Socks 4" Sock 4" Sock 7" Socks 7" Sock 3 - 4" Socks 3 - 4" Socks
Skimmer Section 13.5x8.5" 12.5x19.5" 14.5x14.5" 20.25x14.15" 16x14.5" 21.5x14.5"
Refuge Section 8.5x4.5" 7x11.5" na na 13.5x14.5" 20x14.25"
Return Section 4.5x4" 7x6" 6x8.5" 6x8.5" 7x8.5" 7x8.5"
Cord Outlets 3 3 3 3 5 7
Dosing Outlets 2 x 3 2 x 4 2 x 4 2 x 4

3 x 4

4 x 4
Probe Holder with Non Slip Grommet NA 4 4 4 4 4


Customer Reviews

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Simply Amazing Jul 21, 2016
I've had two previous salt water tanks and I am in the build process on my 3rd. The new tank will be around 280 gallons and with something that large I needed a big sump. Unfortunately there aren't many out there that can fit that bill. I reached out to premium aquatics and Bashsea and they blew my mind with a custom sump. Bashsea did an incredible job and paid such a high attention of detail. Steve (owner of Bashsea) even provided me his phone number so we could go over everything. I was so impressed that I bought a skimmer from him too.

The sump arrived a week ago packaged in a crate with the skimmer and I bought their ATO container. The pictures simply don't do Bashsea's sumps justice. Everyone that has seen it in person has been blown away! If you'd like to see pictures of the custom build please check out the link below.
Beautiful Jan 20, 2017
It's almost too good looking to hide in the stand. Many thanks to Luke, Premium, and Bashsea for working around my schedule for the delivery date. Sump arrived via FedEx freight and it's better looking than I expected. It's built like a tank too! The large Vertex Alpha 250 slipped right into the skimmer section. Can't wait to get this bad boy plumbed!
Perfection Jan 18, 2017
I came across this company from being a avid fan of Reefbuilders site. I have been looking for some top quality and amazing looking products for my ultimate setup that i have been working on for years. So happy i came across BashSea. I had been talkling with Steve from Bashsea in emails about some special requests i had on a skimmer. Steve was so helpful and excited to help me with my product. You could just tell his love and passion for what he does, this was another factor that sold me on his product. I ordered this sump and a custom dual injector skimmer. Both came extremely well packaged,, the FedEx guy even complimented on it. So glad to have come across BashSea and will be ordering some media reactors in the near future!
Great Sump Feb 20, 2021
I got this in red to replace my LR on my reef tank. This following getting a SS-48 in blue for my freshwater planted tank. Just installed this one this week and loving it. Great build. I am using it with the Bashsea 30 inch skimmer and two media reactors, all plumbed on a closed loop with an external Vectra L2. Using a blueline 100 as return. Looks and works great. Added a waste collector yesterday for the skimmer, which is also amazing.