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Bashsea 36x14x16" Bio-Fuge Sump - BLUE

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You don't want to miss out on these excellent craftsmanship.  Adorned in it's Black & Blue, these Royal Bio Fuge Series will have you leaving your cabinet doors open to show it off.  Bashsea spares no expense and cuts no corners when it comes to their series of sumps.  All Bashsea sumps are CNC and laser machined using a 2-step properitorial welding process right here in the USA. Utilizing a combination of 1/4" and 3/8", 100% ultra grade, all American cast acrylic, these sumps are built to last and will make you want to remove the cabinet doors to show how jaw-dropping your system looks now.   

Rimless Design
Make use of every inch inside this beast! Making this unique, rimless sump, allows you to utilize this sump to it's maximum potentional for your system.

Non-Slip Grommet Probe Holders
No more over tightening those screws down on your probes either.  The Bashsea Bio Fuge 36" and 48" come with a 4 probe holder with non-slip grommets.

Adjustable Slide & Matala 
All sumps Skimmer Sections are fully adjustable with a built-in slide and include matala baffling material before the pump area for added biological value, microbubble management and to keep algae and debris from getting into the pump area!

Filter Socks
All bio fuge series sumps include Bashsea Nylon 200 micron socks
Bio Fuge Specs:
Model 241014 301014 301416 361416 361816 481416 481816
Dimensions 24x10x14 30x10x14 30x14x16 36x14x16 36x18x16 48x14x16 48x18x16
Thickness 1/4" Thick Cast Bodies 3/8" Thick Cast Bodies
Drains 1 - 1" Drain 2 - 1" Drains
Socks 1 - 4" Sock 2 - 4" Sock
Skimmer Section 10.5x9.5" 13x9.5" 13x13.5" 15x13.25" 15x17.25" 20x13.25" 20x17.25"
Refuge Section 7.5x9.5" 11x9.5" 10x13.5" 20.5x13.25" 12.5x17.25" 20.5x13.25 19.25x17.25"
Return Section 5x5" 5x5" 8x6" 8x6" 10x7" 8x6 10x7"
Dosing Outlets NA 1 x 4
Probe Holder with Non Slip Grommet NA 1 x 4




Customer Reviews

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Awesome Mar 27, 2017
This was my first experience with bashsea had never heard of them but I went ahead and took a chance. Glad I did this is the best sump I have ever owned by far I've never seen acrylic work so sharp and well constructed! Also this thing looks great easily one of the best looking sumps out there. The refugium is huge love the adjustable water level in skimmer section has nice probe holders and dosing tube holders well thought out layout. Until I got this one I would have said that the trigger sumps were very good but this one smokes them way thicker better built and great looking. If your looking for a sump just buy it you will be glad you did!
This is a beast that looks as good as it works! Feb 8, 2017
These guys know their acrylic! This sump is extremely well built, quiet and looks awesome under my 150 reef! Their customer service is perfect! I've been in the hobby for 40 years, so I was here when sumps first made their appearance. This one has perfect seams, the fuge section is large enough to hold 20 pounds of live sand, 10 pounds of rubble and plenty of cheato with enough room left over for a few frags or a bullied fish if I ever have one. All around great company with a fantastic American made product!
Incredible quality for the price Jul 18, 2017
Fast and good communication on shipping. The package came double boxed with foam inserts everywhere inside for protection.

This refugium is top quality. Dimensions are perfectly as described, parts are all beautiful quality with what looks like laser tooling. Very strong construction. The acrylic is routered on all the outside edges to make them nice and smooth the the touch and it still has all the protective paper on the outside so I don't have to worry about scratching anything while moving it around. The refugium section has an adjustable water level door that operates flawlessly. The skimmer section and refugium are gigantic, no wasted space at all.

I can't say enough about the overall look of this product. It's an eye catcher for sure. The blue color of the acrylic walls with the black background just looks amazingly unique, it doesnt slap you in the face with obnoxious useless angles, colors, and cuts. It's clean and elegant, a very well thought out design.

You wont regret putting this under your tank. As soon as she lets me spend more of my paycheck on the aquarium I will be buying more products from Bashsea.