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ATI Elements - Zinc 100ml

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ATI Elements

ATI Elements give you complete control to fine tune the amounts of trace minerals your aquarium needs. With these individual adjustments, you can achieve better results, giving your coral more growth and more vivid color.

It is strongly recommended you use ATI Labs to test the levels of essential elements in your aquarium on a regular basis while you are using the ATI Elements system to fine-tune your tank’s health.

For precise control and ultimate application, use in conjunction with ATI's 6 pump dosing system.

Boron - Boron is absorbed by coral. As a buffering agent, it can help prevent large pH swings in aquarium water.

Bromine - Bromine is used in some corals for chromoprotein synthesis and for skeleton construction.

Calcium - Calcium is a crucial element for stony corals, clams, and calcareous algae.

Chromium - Chromium can aid in producing improved coral coloration and better health.

Cobalt - In trace quantities, Cobalt produces brighter, more vivid coral colors.

Iron - Benefits photosynthetic invertebrates and plants and provides nourishment for improved color and growth.

Iodine - Iodine is essential for the health of many soft corals. It may have antibiotic properties as well.

Lithium - Lithium helps to produce brighter corals in your aquarium.

Magnesium - Magnesium aids in the regulation of aquarium PH and the formation of skeletal structures in invertebrates.

Manganese - Manganese is an element used in the process of photosynthesis.

Molybdenum - In small quantities, Molybdenum aids the biological processes of many beneficial strains of bacteria.

Nickel - Proper quantites of nickel promote improved coral coloration, though care should be taken to avoid overdosing.

Potassium - Potassium is an essential element in both the skeletal construction and coloration of certain corals.

Strontium - Strontium is used by many organisms to help build and develop their skeletons. Adding Strontium can improve coral growth.

Vanadium - Certain sponges accumulate Vanadium, and this element helps them to establish and grow.

Zinc - Activates certain enzymes that promote better transfer of carbon dioxide in organisms. It also aids plants in leaf formation.

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