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ASM G-3 In-Sump Protein Skimmer

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ASM in-sump skimmers are constructed of extruded PVC tubing and injection molded plastic.

ASM protein Skimmers use needle wheel design on a Sedra pump for to create a finer bubble for highly effective skimming action!

Easy to use! Just set it in the sump, plug it in and adjust the outlet tube!

ASM G 3 Protein Skimmer Specifications:
- Gallon Rating: up to 250 gal.
- Pump: 1 x Sedra 5000
- Reaction Chamber Diameter: 6.5"
- Footpring: 11" x 12"
- Height: 25"

Model Gallon Rating No. of Pumps Body Diameter Footprint Height
G-1X 150 1 - Sedra 3500 5.5" 8.5x11" 22.5"
G-2 200 1 - Sedra 3500 6.5" 10x11" 25"
G-3 250 1 - Sedra 5000 6.5" 11x12" 24"
G-4XX 450 1 - Sedra 15000 8.5" 13x14" 30"


Customer Reviews

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Mar 30, 2007
It looks like a good skimmer & puts out a lot more and finer bubbles than I have seen in any other skimmer, but the instructions are horrible, they don't exist. Just a sheet that shows parts. Seriosly lacking info.