AquaticLife 61" T5HO X18 Hybrid NON-Dimmable Fixture - BLACK
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X18 Hybrid T5HO Non-Dimmable Fixture 

The ultimate way to have both T5HO and LED lighting over your aquarium, the Aquatic Life X18 Hybrid Fixture provides the platform for you to create the ideal lighting for corals and plants. With decades of experience growing corals and plants, seasoned hobbyists have realized that a combination of different light types works best over their aquarium. Like the metal halide lights of years ago, LED fixtures can provide high intensity, but without the operating cost. Also, like halide lights, LED’s are a point-source light, creating a shimmering effect in the aquarium. Combining LED light with T5HO fluorescent light provides the benefits of efficient intensity and diffused lighting – meaning no more shadows often seen with only LED lights. The patent pending Aquatic Life Hybrid fixture provides a means for you to combine your preferred LED fixture with T5HO fluorescent lighting. Patent Pending Application No. 62/536,848. Features: Available in only 61” length. Pair popular LED fixtures with non-dimmable T5HO lighting - Accommodates popular LED fixtures like AquaIllumination Hydra 26 & Hydra 52TM, EcoTech Radion XR15w & XR30wTM, Kessil A360X, A360WE, AP700TM, and more!

The fixture comes assembled. Simply attach the included suspension cables and LED mounting brackets. LED brackets can be positioned where needed and locked into place - Optional mounting brackets available for securing your LED fixture - Silicone socket end caps protect ends of lamps from moisture and allow lamps to operate at optimal temperature - Single power cord for easy setup. Conceal the LED cords in the built-in cord routers at each end of the fixture - Reflector design keeps T5HO light inside aquarium - Built-in HEP ballasts drive popular T5HO lamps, including ATI and Giesemann. Item 420623.

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