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Aquatic Life 48" Coral Cover Hybrid LED Light Fixture

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CORAL COVER – As the name mentions, the Coral Cover LED fixture is designed to provide complete light coverage for your aquarium when used in conjunction with your favorite LED fixture. The open middle design allows you to easily mount an EcoTech Radion, AI Prime, Kessil AP700 or other fixture to provide full custom lighting for your reef aquarium.
YOU PICK THE BULBS – Just like the T5HO Hybrids that accept different color bulbs, you simply pick the combination of bulbs you would like to mimic, and the Coral Cover adjusts accordingly. Possible combinations for both the front and back LED fixtures include BLUE/BLUE, BLUE/CORAL, BLUE/PURPLE and BLUE/AQUA SPECIAL.
INDEPENDENT CONTROL – Both the front and back LED fixtures can be programmed together or separately, providing many lighting options.
DX18 T5HO FEATURES – Like the DX18 T5HO Hybrid fixture that can be dimmed, you can control the intensity of the LED’s and there is no need to “burn in” the bulb first.
SUNRISE & SUNSET – You decide when the sun rises and sets over your corals. Simply enter the start, end and ramp times and the fixture does the rest.
EASY & ADVANCED – Use the “Easy Mode” to select the color bulbs you would like to replicate. Use the “Advanced Mode” to create multiple time points throughout the day where you can select the bulb colors and intensity you would like to use during that time.
LIGHT DIRECTION – Both the front and back LED fixtures can be angled 15° to direct light where it’s needed in the aquarium.
SMARTPHONE CONTROL -Simply ensure your iOS or Android phone’s wireless is turned on, open the HME Aqua Master App and connect directly to the fixture. No need for complicated routers or networks.
SAVE, LOAD & UPLOAD – Utilize the built-in library in the App to “Save” your favorite lighting combinations. When you are ready to access the lighting again, simply “Load” the saved file into the HME Aquamaster App and “Upload” to the fixture.
QUIET – The open design allows for quiet radiant cooling – no fans required.
FAMILIAR MOUNTING – Like the Aquatic Life T5HO Hybrid fixtures, the Coral Cover has multiple mounting options. The Coral Cover includes the suspension cables that can be hung from a ceiling or suspended from the optional Aquatic Life Universal Tank Mounts that attach to the aquarium stand. The Coral Cover can also be mounted over the aquarium using the optional Floating Suspension system that mounts to the wall behind the aquarium. 
48-Inch Assembled Fixture Dimensions: 44.5" x 18.5" x 1" (L x W x H), 17.1lbs. 
48-Inch Coral Cover LED Count: 450nm/112, 472nm/80, 525nm/64, 620nm/32


Customer Reviews

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Seems to do what it is advertised to do. Spreads out light with spectrum visually similar to ATI bulb combos. Aug 12, 2022
I purchased the 48" unit. It was easy to assemble. Hung it from the ceiling. It was replacing a RMS 44" unit, so I used the existing ceiling mounts and wires from the Ecotech hanging kit which fit into the aquaticlife parts fine. There was enough hardware to easily mount 2 XR15s and 1 Kessel 360x. Setting up the phone app and schedule was really easy. So the only part that I was a bit disappointed with is that there isn't an actinic setting. Just "blue", which is a combination of the royal blue (450nm) and blue (472nm) leds. It looks kind of like a set of blue+ lamps, without any white. So you will have to use your premium LEDs (Radions/Kessels) for the UV/Royal blue day break/sunset. The preset lamp choices really do look like the colors produced my the ATI t5 combos. A lot lighter and sleeker than a t5 combo. Just know going in that the controls are more limited than your premium lamps, the purpose of the fixture is the fill in light, and you will be happy.