Aquarium Masters SmartTemp - Dual Digital Heater - 100 W
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Aquarium Masters
SmartTemp + Remote Control
Submersible Heater
Aquarium Masters' Smart Temp+ Submersible heaters are the most advanced aquarium temperature control technology available.  The Dual-digital LED readouts display both tank temperature and the unit's current temperature setting.  Onboard sensors detect when the heater is removed from water an automatically shuts down to prevent damage from overheating.  A temperature control button on the cord allows adjustment without any wet fingers, as does the convenient wireless remote.  Available in 100, 200, and 300 watt, for tanks up to 90 gallon.
100w for tanks up to 35 gallons
200w for tanks up to 60 gallons
300w for tanks up to 90 gallons


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