AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor 3L
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Introducing the AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor
With quality Zeolitic media packed inside the AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor, you will create a more natural saltwater environment by removing any excess nutrients and organics from your aquarium water without removing vital trace elements.
AquaMaxx Zeo Reactors are designed with simplicity, efficiency and ease-of-use in mind.
Our reactors are computer-precision engineered and utilize the latest in aquarium technology. We carefully chose materials that are affordable and built to last. We painstakingly test each unit to ensure they will deliver the highest performance at the lowest cost to you.
Easy-to-setup, easy-to-use, and ready-to-go
AquaMaxx Zeo Reactors are easy-to-setup and maintain. Just place the reactor inside your stand or sump, add in the Zeo media, plug in the included pump and the Zeo process will be underway.
Maintenance is simple. Grasp the handle once daily and shake the Zeo media inside the reactor. This will release colonizing bacteria that will feed your aquarium’s coral.
Simple Design with a clean, durable enclosure
AquaMaxx Zeo Reactors were designed from the ground up with the hobbyist in mind. 
The sleek modern design and small footprint allow for easy placement inside most sumps.
AquaMaxx Zeo Reactors are precision-cut, polished cell-cast acrylic and feature thumbscrews for easy setup and maintenance.
To access and replace the Zeo media, unscrew the thumbscrews and pull up on the handle. Unlike other reactors on the market, the AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor does not need to be placed on its side in order to change out the Zeo media.
No complicated plumbing. No messy maintenance.
Performance and Innovation are our standard
The workhorse powering the AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor is the pump. Each reactor is equipped with an Italian-imported Sicce Syncra pump. These pumps were specially chosen for their small footprint, energy-efficient design and whisper-quiet operation.
AquaMaxx Zeo Reactors are shipped with detailed instructions and diagrams to help you get up and running quickly. All AquaMaxx products are backed by a 90-day manufacturer warranty.
Technical Specifications
Dimensions                       1 Liter 3 Liter
Footprint Length 9.5"                                             11.5"
Footprint Width 7"                                                8.5"
Chamber Diameter 3.6" 6"
Height 23.5" (33" w/ handle extended) 24" (34" w/ handle extended)
Capacity 1 Liter 3 Liters
Pump SICCE Syncra Silent 0.5                    SICCE Syncra silent 1.5
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