AquaFX Tripple DI w/TDS Meter
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Perfect way to maximize the life of your DI cartridges.
Tired of changing out your mixed bed DI, while there could still be good resin left inside the canister. TDS break thru can happen when either the Cation or Anion resin exhausts. This doesn't necessarily mean that the other resin (cation or anion) is fully exhausted. 
Simply add your own Cation and Anion resin to this system to allow for lots of seamless water production - it is highly reccomended to feed RO water to this DI system. 
Whats included:
Triple Aluminum bracket with Clear Canisters
Triple TDS Meter Installed and factory calibrated
5 Feet of Blue 1/4" Tubing 
All Quick Connect Fittings 
What do you need to add to this setup?
Single Stage Cation Filter  
Single Stage Anion Filter
3rd final Single Stage Mixed Bed Filter
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