AquaFX ROX .8 Carbon Media (.75 lb Jar)
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AquaFX ROX .8 Reactor Carbon - .75 LB (1 Quart) 
AquaFX has hand selected this extruded carbon for the best removal of unwanted Organics, pigments, and odors from your salt or freshwater tank aquarium. 
The large and small site porosity of this carbon makes it an ideal candidate for aquarium applications.
This carbon rinses extremely fast and has a long run time once installed. 
Installation would ideally be in a media reactor, the second best option would be a high flow area of the sump.
A good way to make sure your tank water stays clear is to setup a white strip on the back of you tank so you can visually see the waters clarity.
ROX .8 Features
Unique extrusion size to allow for superior surface area
Steam activation process and acid washing aid to produce the highest quality carbon available globally 
Extremely Low dust content will allow for the carbon to rinse fast
Both large and small pores for maximum broad adsorption range
Best value for Reactor Carbon Media 
AquaFX Quick Dose of Instructions: 
Rinse AquaFX ROX .8 Media well prior to use. Media will rinse extremely fast. We recommend ¼ cup per every 25 gallons of your aquarium water (or 1 cup every 100 Gallons). Placing ROX .8 inside of your media reactor will maximize its efficiency. If using a media bag, place the bag in an area where water will flow through it or inside a canister filter. Safe to use in both fresh and saltwater aquarium systems.
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