Aquaforest Freshwater AF Minus PH 200ml
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Professional formula for reducing pH in aquarium water. The water pH affects maintenance of the ecological balance in the tank and should be similar to the natural one. The species of fish from the Amazon prefer a slightly acidic pH of the water being 5.5-6.5. For some fish species, tap water requires lowering of pH. AF Minus pH allows to achieve it in a quick and easy way. Optimal pH ensures favorable breeding conditions and improves the condition of fish.
Due to the possibility of overdose, this product is not recommended to be dosed directly into the aquarium. AF Minus pH should be prepared outside of the tank, in water destined to be changed. Before application, check pH level and only dispense product to the solution to reach the desired value. 1 ml AF Minus pH lowers the pH value by 0.2 unit per 1 litre of water. Due to the high harmfulness of sudden changes of pH level, do not lower the pH of the water in the aquarium by more than 0.5 per day.

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