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Aqua Illumination Coral Glow SL48 Blade

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Aqua Illumination
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Take your tank to the next level by adding a Blade Glow to your Blade lighting or supplement your existing lighting to pop your fluorescence like never before.
The Blade Coral Glow will fluoresce your tank. Coral Glow features an LED mix that maximizes spectral peaks that showcase coral fluorescence. Ideal as a supplemental source of fluorescent pop that can be added to a Blade Coral Grow or other aquarium lighting.
Coral Glow
A powerful and balanced growth spectrum to light your aquarium. Use it alone or supplement your existing lights, Blade Grow will deliver impressive results.
Mounting options to satisfy any system. Versatility defines the Blade from tank mount to hanging, with plenty of options in between.
Depending on size, the Blade comes with tank rest mounts (up to 39.1 in/99.31cm) or Blade mounting clips ( models longer than 39.1 in/99.31cm) for use with HMS arms or custom attachment) included. Accessory mounting options include a 3,4, or 6 light mounting rails for hood attachment or hanging, HMS arm mount adapter accessories, Radion and Hydra hybrid mounting brackets, and Elevated Tank Rests.
LEDs Per Cluster: 6 430nm UV 12 Royal Blue 3 415nm UV 3 405nm UV
Technical Specifications
Power Consumption 20-140W at full power (model dependant)
Universal Input Range 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
Cable Length - 9.8ft. (3m)
Water Resistance - IP66 rated
PSU Regulatory Compliance - UL, CE & RoHS
Available in: 
12.1" - 20w 
21.1" - 40w
30.1" - 60w
39.1" - 80w
48.1" - 100w
57.1" - 120w
66.1" - 140w



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