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Now with Auto Exchange Acclimation!

Trap! Transport! Acclimate! Isolate!
Take it to the fish store and use it to carry your purchase home. No more plastic bags!
Hang it on the outside of your tank to make acclimation easy. No more salad bowls and buckets!
Lift the inner box to strain the water. No more cross contamination!
Release your new addition into the aquarium with the inner box. No more nets for spines to get stuck in!
Trap fish easily and quickly to remove them from your aquarium. No more cutting up soda bottles for homemade traps!

Four Ways to Use the Acclimate:

With its clear design and quick-sliding trap door it's easy to lure your prey into the AccliMate for a lightning fast capture.
Set the AccliMate on the aquarium floor or hang it somewhere higher up to accurately target your intended catch.
Turn the inner box upside down and replace it into the outer box with some bait to create a bristle worm trap. Worms crawl in through the holes after the bait and don't come back out.

Take your AccliMate to the fish store to save the bag and save the stress. The sliding lid prevents spills while allowing oxygen exchange during transportation.

Iron Grip suction cups allow quick and secure mounting of the AccliMate to the outside or inside of your aquarium.
The patent pending dual siphon system allows a slow and steady replacement of store water with your aquarium water.
Allows slower acclimation for more sensitive species.
Simple setup.
The inner tank facilitates a low stress, net-less transfer once acclimtion is complete.

The inner tanks with flow-through holes can be secured to the inside walls of the aquarium using the included suction cups.
Can be used for in-tank isolation, quarantine, targeted feeding and so much more.

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