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Abyzz A400 3M DC Pump

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Abyzz A400 4,800 GPH Controllable DC Pump
Abyzz A400 4,800 GPH Commercial Grade DC Pump
The innovative Abyzz A400 DC Pump is built by a German company that only uses the best parts to make an incredibly reliable, efficient controllable DC pump. Featuring laser welded a titanium encased Neodymium rotor, powerful and programmable menu-controlled electronic driver, and a sinusoidal three-phase synchronous motor, the A400 is in a class of it's own in terms of size and performance.
The motor operates at an efficiency factor of over 90% which, along with the fact that you can adjust the speed to meet your performance requirements, makes it an energy-saving solution to traditional power hungry higher voltage pumps. 
The menu controlled driver and motor run on an mere 12V and because of that it can be used in a myriad of applications. 
The integrated flushing bearing provides optimum protection against calcification (Calcium Carbonate deposits - CaCO3). In conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings and special Tungsten carbide shaft, this feature provides for low-maintenance operations.
The materials used to manufacture all of these components have been carefully selected so as to be harmoniously integrated into the overall design to look great, ensure a long operational lifetime, and meet the most demanding requirements and highest quality standards.
Max Flow - 4,800 GPH | Max Head - 45 feet
6,060 GPH BOOSTMODE® max flow rate
Internal or External application
Fully Controllable from 0-100% in 1% increments
MCFS® (Menu Controlled Flow Sequencer) for random, wave etc.
Comprehensive safety functions (e.g. dry run, temperature sensor, and overload protection)
Soft startup
Lockable cables and plug connections
Remarkably low-noise operation
Removable motor stand and rotatable volute
Available in 3meter & 10m Driver/Controller Connecting Cable
10 year warranty
This product was developed and is manufactured in Germany by Venotec.
Freshwater and Saltwater Aquaria
This product was developed and is manufactured in Germany by Venotec.
CoralVue, Inc. and Abyzz hereby guarantee this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of:
10 Years
Warranty is activated when product is registered.
This Standard Limited Warranty applies and is limited as follows:
To the product only as long as it remains in the possession of the original purchaser.
To the product that has not been subject to accident, misuse or abuse.
To the product that has not been modified, altered, defaced, or had repairs made or attempted by other than CoralVue, Inc.
That CoralVue be immediately notified in writing within ten (10) days of first knowledge of defect by owner or his agent.
That CoralVue, Inc. shall be given first opportunity to make any repairs, replacements or corrections to the defective construction within a reasonable period of time.
Under no circumstances shall CoralVue and/or the Manufacturer be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherwise for damage to any person or property whatsoever for any special, indirect, secondary or consequential damages of any nature however arising out of the use or inability to use because of the product defect.

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