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A20057 Aqua Ultraviolet UV 57 Watt Replacement UV Lamp

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SAVE 25%- These bulbs are AquaUV Bulbs. They got etched wrong by one of their suppliers. They say 48w but we have confirmed with AquaUV that they are truly 57w bulbs and are their bulbs. We do have a letter from them if you need it. We are clearancing them out since they are different so you save some money just because they are marked a little different.  

Aqua Ultraviolet has the longest lamp life on the market with 14 months of continuous use. The Lamps are designed and made from the highest quality hard quartz glass that transmits higher UV intensity and maximizes kill rates. Four-pin single end connection allow for easy safe lamp changes. Look for the blue tips and the Aqua Ultraviolet Logo.

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