36W - 35" UVB Marine 10.0 HO T5 Light Bulb
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At the time of listing this item, we have (8) unit in stock. Subject to quantity on hand only. If the item is not available, we will notify you asap Please be aware that Helios lamps are a specialized lamp that will only fit Helios fixtures or a retro fit where you can adjust the endcaps.

Helios UVB Marine 10.0 HO T5 Light Bulb

SHIPPING NOTICE: Due to box sizes, shipping is higher on these bulbs. VHO/T5 standard triangle box can hold up to 6 bulbs. So you will pay the same shipping price, whether you order 1 to 6 bulbs. You can combine sizes, for example; 2 - 48" bulbs and 2 - 36" bulbs can go in the same box, you pay the longest bulb shipping price. These bulbs will ship from our warehouse, usually in 24 hours. To make your shopping cart total correctly, you need we add the shipping for the VHO/T5 bulbs as a product. At checkout, there should be a special offer come up with the shipping box and price or you can use the ones below. The VHO/T5 bulbs and the shipping item product weight are all set to ZERO. This way if you want to order other items the shipping calculated at checkout will be correct for your additional items.

EXAMPLE You buy 4 - 24" VHO or T5 bulbs and a Salifert Test kit. You would add the URI-24 shipping item to your order and then at checkout shipping options for the Test Kit will appear. Just remember we will use ground for the VHO/T5 bulbs, regardless on what you select for the other items. So you could pick priority mail, overnight, etc for your test kit (other products)

It can be very confusing and we are trying to make ordering these as easy as possible so feel free to call or email us if you have questions.

Shipping Charges:
24" - $10.00
36" - $15.00
46/48" - $20.00
60" - $20.00
72" - $25.00

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