14K 250W DE Hex Arc Blue Phoenix Halide Bulb
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14K 250watt HQI Double End Halide Bulb — Phoenix Brand
Runs on hqi halide ballast only, or PFO Electronic, IceCap New Generation Ballast, or LN ballast.

FINGERPRINT NOTE: Double ended bulbs should never be handled with bare hands. The oil from your skin can cause the bulb to crack. You could either always hold by the ends or wear cloth gloves. If you accidentally get your finger prints on the bulb sleeve. Take rubbing alcohol and lightly clean with clean cloth.

UV NOTE: Double ended bulbs do not have the enclosed glass like the Mogul screw in type lamps. This means they have no UV shield. You should never run a double ended bulb with out the glass shield. UV damaged can result in your corals, especially gorgonians.

6 Month Warranty

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