1200 Count Refugium Pack Copepod Bottle
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Our very own locally cultured copepod bottles provide you a mixture of 3 different species of copepods: Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops. Each bottle of copepods contain a mixture of roughly 1200 or more copepods. They are locally cultured in lab grade conditions with cleanliness and anti-cross contamination measures at the top of the priority list. All pods are hand counted to provide you with the most accurate count on the market.

Add a bottle to your refugium to jumpstart a copepod population or add to the display to to feed. Add it all at once or save some for later. Average shelf life per bottle is about 3 weeks. If you choose to not at the bottle all at once, please remember to refrigerate with the lid off to provide adequate oxygen to the copepods. Refrigeration will slow the metabolic rate of the copepods allowing for the longest shelf life.

You must be within a two day shipping zone to chose standard ground shipping. If you are outside of a two day shipping zone, you will need to purchase and expedited shipping option. An insulated box will also be required to maintain appropriate temperatures. If temperatures become to severe, will reserve the right to not ship the product. This will be done at our own disgression and we will contact you if we deem it necessary.

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