02023 40 watt Dual Actinic 420/460 nm SunPaq - Square Pin
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Don't gamble on performance. Every SunPaq" lamp is handcrafted with the best components and phosphors and rigorously tested, setting a new standard in compact fluorescent lighting. Now available up to an incredible 130 watts, SunPaq delivers quality you can bank on.

  • Nichia Phosphors
  • Gold Plated Pins
  • Philips Filament
  • Handcrafted


Handmade for quality assurance, every SunPaq lamp is handcrafted with durable 2 mm glass tubes, hand-blown and pressurized with pure argon to create the perfect environment for energizing the lamp phosphors. High quality Philips lamp filament provides the right amount of kick to fire the lamp and maintain high lumen output. 18-Karat gold plated pins ensure excellent conductivity and reduce failure due to corrosion. Rigorous testing, which includes a 10-hour burn in-process for each lamp, ensures quality and performance all the way to your aquarium.

Two Phosphors are Always Better Than One

Dual phosphor technology makes the SunPaq lamps a brilliant choice when it comes to compact lighting. Utilizing a proprietary blend of phosphors from Nichia, the world's leading phosphor manufacturer, SunPaqs produce eye popping colors and superior lumen maintenance.

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