20 Years serving the aquatic community
Can you believe it? We have been online providing Saltwater hobbyist a great source of products and information for 20 years now. We went online in 1996. We were one of the first online saltwater stores on the internet, if not the first. Back in 1996, there was hardly anything out there. It's a tough business, but very enjoyable and we have endured for 20 years by providing great products, great service and great prices. 
One thing that made our company successful over the years was email support. Back in 1996, you were lucky to get a response from any company via email, or maybe a week or two later. That was always a priority of mine was to answer emails in a timely fashion. To this day, i personally still see every email that comes into our server and still answer a good majority of them. I've always strived to keep a person touch with all of our customers. To this day, don't be surprised to get an email response back from me over the weekend or middle of the night. Sometimes I just can't help it.
We want to thank each and every one of our customers through the years to make this 20th anniversary possible. Without you, we would not be here.
To celebrate this milestone we are having some great specials through out the month. So be sure to check back here often, each week we will have more specials and tributes to some special vendors.
FREE STUFF!!! Many of our wonderful vendors and manufactures are sending us some free items for our 20yr anniversary. We are having some Enter To Win giveaways on our facebook page. So keep a close eye on our Premium Aquatics facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PremiumAquatics/
We will be posting new giveaways often.
Thank You,
Jason Frey
Owner, Premium Aquatics, Inc
Week 4 Specials
Tunze has been making high quality aquarium products since 1960. Tunze actually invented the aquarium powerhead. They invented the first commercial protein skimmer. I believe they were even one of the first to come out with an ATO. Tunze has always been known for high quality. Today, you can find a lot of great high quality pumps on the market and Tunze is still at the top. Years ago though, if you wanted some serious water flow and wavemaking, Tunze was the only way to go. There wide flow pumps set the trend for the last decade and still hold there own with all the newer manufactures. 
Tunze products were quite difficult to get 15 years ago though. Very few LFS's carried these high end jewels until Tunze & Roger Vitko setup the first Tunze USA distribution facility. One that Roger still runs today. Premium Aquatics, along with 2 other online stores had the honor of being the first 3 exclusive online Tunze dealers for many years. This trio along with Rogers hard work help bring the German made products to the USA and become a staple in the marketplace. Now you can find these fine products at almost any online store and most mid to high end LFS. 
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on the Tunze products during our 20year anniversary celebration.  Expires May 5th at midnight.
Finnex Heaters
We picked up Finnex in 2001. They were a new company offering heaters, PC lamps (the most popular back then), and some other items. Heaters are a touchy subject in the aquarium industry. We have sold several brands for over 20 years and unfortunately they have a much higher failure rate then pretty much any other piece of aquarium equipment, so it's really hard to source a quality heater. We have tried and tested out many brands over the years, especially Titanium as it's pro is powerful and smooth heating. We have found Finnex to really offer a great inexpensive titanium heater that performs just as well as other brands that cost much more. Today they are one of our most popular heater choices by hobbyists.
So if you are considering going Titanium, this would be our recommend brand. We strongly recommend all hobbyist to check their aquarium heater regularly, no matter what the brand. The old rule is not if it's going to fail, but when. If you have any questions choosing a heater, feel free to email or call and we can give you some some suggestions and pros and cons of different types and brands.
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on the  Finnex Heaters
Expires May 5th at midnight.
Two Little Fish (Julian Sprung)
We have carried Two Little Fish products as long as we can remember. They make a nice additive line and were one of the first to bring out GFO to the market, plus offer an inexpensive reactor to run it in. We sell more PhosBan reactors then any other brand. Julian Sprung is what really makes this company so special. For those of you have been in a hobby for a while, you'll remember we didn't have the internet to find answers and solve problems. We read books and I doubt there were very many hobbyist that didn't have at least one of Julian Sprung Reef Aquarium books, volume 1, 2, 3 or 4.  I personally used his books to help answer questions via email when we first started out. If i didn't know the answer, that was my go to book. I remember waiting every month for the next Fish Magazine to come out to read the articles on what was new in the hobby.  Julian to this day is still being innovative and coming up with new products to make reef keeping a more successful hobby. 
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on all  TwoLittleFish  during our 20year anniversary celebration. 
Expires May 5th at Midnight.
Reef Brite LED

We have carried Reef Brite for many years, since the company first formed. They offer LED, Halide and T5, but most know for there LEDs. The LEDs really are something you have to see in person to appreciate. They are not a fancy full hood with Wifi or a nice controller. They are more standard housing strip light type units with just incredible powered LEDs.We have carried Reef Brite for many years, since the company first formed. They offer LED, Halide and T5, but most known for there LEDs. The LEDs really are something you have to see in person to appreciate. They created an excellent streamlined LED strip that can be used as stand alone light source with multiple strips, or added as supplemental lighting to T5 or Metal halide fixtures to add a punch of color and intensity to your system. Either way, you're going to get a great product and light source added to your tank.
They have some incredible behind the scene power over there. Joy from Harbor Aquatics and Tulio, the LED mastermind. Tulio has been designing LEDs before PFO attempted to bring out the first commercial LED to the market. He first started in 2001 with the LED moonlights, and then showcased an all LED aquarium in 2003 at the IMAC trade show. A true LED pioneer. So you can be assured there LEDs are incredible in quality and intensity.
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on Reef Brite during our 20year anniversary celebration. Ends May 5th at Midnight EST.
Week 3 Specials

Algae Free Magnets & more
Algae Free has been with us probably from the start, or close to it. The owner really has been super innovative in the aquarium industry. They were one of the first to come out with a higher end magnet cleaner. You compare this brand to a standard magnet cleaner you pickup at any pet store and you would be amazed. The rare earth magnets are really something. They originally had sizes from "shrimp" up to the Great White, which is a MONSTER of a magnet. Then they came out with a floating magnet, so if you lost connection you didn't have to fish the magnet off the bottom. Floats up to the top and you can reconnect. In the Float Models they have Piranha up to Tiger. Then they still have the Great White in a non floating model Recently they have added the Scraper to all new models and available as an upgrade.
Did you know? Back in the day, when Maxijet powerheads were the norm for tank circulation. You only had the option of using suction cups. A magnet mount powerhead was unheard of. Algae Free came up with a design called Sure Grip, where you could upgrade your maxijet suction cup mount with there strong magnets. Was a huge improvement. We still sell Sure Grip today, but less popular since so many pumps have magnet mount now.  Another great invention Algae Free came up with was the Sure Flow Kit for Maxijet's. You could upgrade your Maxijet 1200 to a wide flow pump and boost it's flow rate to 2000gph. Getting that amount of flow in an entry level powerhead at that time was incredible. 
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on the Algae FREE products during our 20year anniversary celebration. 
Expires April 28th at midnight.
Rod's Frozen Foods
We picked up Rod's food in early 2000s. Probably before he was actually official a commercial food producer. We knew Rod back in the day as a customer, working with him at DT's Phyto farm, and he use to supply the most beautiful and famous tank raised Rod's Onyx percula clowns. Rod already had lots of experience with breeding clowns and even Bangaii cardinals, so when he told us he was making a high quality fresh frozen food, we were first to add to our product list. His formula quickly took off and our customers loved the food. Today Rod still makes his Original formula plus around 10 or so more varieties as well. I'm sure there are thousands of happy fish out there thanks to Rod.
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on the  Rod's Frozen Foods
Expires April 28th at midnight.
Eshopps actually is celebrating their 15 year anniversary this year. We have carried there line for probably that same amount of time. We have seen this line really grow over the years. From originally what we would consider great entry level products to last few years a move to the great mid range product items. There new Generation 3 sumps and refuges have been a huge hit and seems every couple months they are coming out with a new or new improved product. It's hard to find a nicer business owner that cares about his products and customers too. So certainly a nice product line to check out. 
We are offering a 12% DISCOUNT on all  Eshopps products  during our 20year anniversary celebration. 
Expires April 28th at Midnight.
Aquarium Current's Seaswirl
Wavemaking and wave patterns in the tank was really limited many years ago. Back then the popular device was a wave maker, which was basically a timer control box that could turn your powerheads on and off at different times. Maxijet's were one of the few powerheads that could handle the constant on/off motion. Other then some higher end controllable pumps and Algae Turf surgers, you just didn't have many ways to create a natural wave action the tank. Then along came Seaswirls. I'm guessing we picked these up at least 15 years ago and they were one of the most popular items we carried. The design is pretty close to the same today as it was years ago, other then a few tweaks here and there. It's just a good solid piece of equipment that gives you a really nice wave sweep throughout the tank. It was a great concept, you already pump water into the tank from your return pump, why not put that to better use. So it basically rotates the water return line back and fourth giving you a very natural sweeping action. The company has a rich history in the aquarium industry too, some great stories over dinner. 
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on SeaSwirl's during our 20year anniversary celebration. Ends April 28th at Midnight EST.
Week 2 Specials *Expired*
GEO's Calcium Reactors

For those of you who have been in the hobby a while. You have probably heard of the quality and performance of GEO reactors. George from GeosReef first came to us well over 10-15 years ago with a concept of a new improved calcium reactor. We saw right away the quality and value of this reactor and we helped launch the GEO612. With our advertising and exposure and Georges excellent built quality and service, this reactor quickly became the go-to choice for any serious hobbyist. Since then George went into full-time business developing a full line of products but kept Premium Aquatics as the exclusive reseller of the GEO612 model. So we are very proud to still offer this excellent reactor and also offer GEO's entire line of other model reactors from the 510 to 1218.
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on the GEO612model during our 20year anniversary celebration. GEO is always letting us GIVEAWAY a free frag rack with every GEO reactor Expires 4/21 at Midnight 
Trigger Systems Sumps & Refuge

We picked up the original Crystal and Ruby sumps around 10 years ago. At that time sumps really were not super popular due to the cost and not very many options for an american made high end sump and was a risky venture bringing in a large line of sumps. We felt Trigger Systems had a really nice product and all though the name was not known, we seen the potential and decided to give them a try. Since then, there popularity grew really fast and became our #1 sold sump line. A few years ago they introduced there Emerald sumps, which are another customer favorite and last year introduced there matching ATO's. A few of you might still remember the Trigger Protein skimmers we had back in the day. They were sweet skimmers, nothing like a Ruby sump with a matching Ruby Trigger Skimmer, but those were discontinued to do high manufacturing cost. I still have one in on my 180g home tank. 
We are offering a 12% DISCOUNT on the Trigger Sumps & ATOs expires 4/21 at Midnight
The Original Maxijet
Years ago if you wanted water circulation inside your tank, you had a few choices. Maxijet or Rio and few others. There were no wide flow powerheads. So the #1 powerhead we sold was the Maxijet's, especially the MJ1200. The MJ1200 was used as an intake powerhead, a modified skimmer pump and even used inline for a few reactors and other applications. People would use them to change water and pump back to the tank. They were virtually unbreakable. They were a good price and lasted forever and could hold up to a wave maker timer to as well, other old school product. These were sold as Aquarium Systems, then Marine land and then Marineland moved the pump manufacturing away from Italy and started selling Maxijet under with the same name, but manufactured elsewhere. Cobalt came in a few years later and started having the Original MJ's produced in Italy, and thus we had this excellent pump available once more. We still carry both the MarineLand and Cobalt brand, but if you need a super durable powerhead, you just can't be the Italian version.
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on all Cobalt Maxijet's
during our 20year anniversary celebration. We are also adding a FREE Can of Cobalt Dry Fish food to every order with a Cobalt Maxijet pump. We'll randomly add, but if you have a specific type you prefer let us know.
Expires April 21st at Midnight.
DT's Live Concentrated Phytoplankton

We first found this product in the late 90's. Dennis from DT's came up with a way to culture live phyto and keep the phosphate and nitrate levels low. So you could feed your tank without putting in excessive pollutants. Originally it was not concentrated. I remember selling it by the gallon. Dennis then figured out a way to concentrate it, still remain alive and this process according to DT's reduces the nutrients you don't want. So you are left with a cleaner, more concentrated product that is easier to feed, store and ship. This product has been and still is our #1 selling Phyto since the 1990's.
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on DT's live phyto 15 and 30oz during our 20year anniversary celebration. expires 4/21 at midnight
Week 1 Specials  **EXPIRED**
ESV - The Original 2-Part Calcium & Alk 
ESV was our very first line of additives, from iodine to calcium. They were the first to come out with the 2-part Calcium/Alk Buffer system. We have seen many other products come and go on the market. Many of these products with big dollars on advertising, super nice fancy product labels, etc but ESV has endured just like us. We like to think for the same reason, they are a very good small business that cares about there customers. They make excellent products and maintain the highest standards. To this day, ESV is one of our most popular selling additives and we hope it continues to be for years to come. 
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on all ESV products during our 20year anniversary celebration. Expires 4/14 at Midnight.
CPR Aquatics 
CPR was one of our first skimmer, wet/dry and overflow brands we picked up. Back in the 90's and early 2000's it really was rare to have a pre-drilled tank. So overflow boxes to create a sump under the tank was a must, or going with a hang-on-back skimmer. The CPR Bakpak was the #1 selling HOB for many years. It's still around today, although not as popular now so many people have access to Reef Ready tanks. It's still an easy to use and well built skimmer. Pretty much toss on the back and plug it in. We don't carry as much CPR items as we did years ago, but still feel honored to have CPR's on our shelf.
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on all CPR products April 7th through 14th. 
Premium Live ROCK
For over 20 years we have been supplying hobbyist the best live rock in the industry. This is because we treat live rock just like our precious fish and corals, as "live" rock. Our live rock goes into large saltwater pools with heavy skimming, great lighting and massive water circulation. We learned most of our techniques for keeping great live rock from a true pioneer in the business. His name was Gary Meadows, a total Fish Geek that just happen to be an Engineer by trade. Gary & Joy from Harbor Aquatics back in 1996 would air ship large crates of premium FIJI island live rock in and store in his massive 1000 gallon pools inside his custom built greenhouse. The results were incredible live rock. Back in the day, the grade "premium" fiji meant the live rock was 95% coralline covered. You couldn't hardly find a bad piece. We would drive down to Harbor Aquatics and cherry pic us a van load every week and sell online. We quickly become one of the largest resellers of Premium Live rock on the internet. Unfortunately Gary passed away suddenly at a Macna convention and this great resource for not only the best rock and corals was lost. (We still miss you Gary) We still use some of the techniques Gary taught us many years ago today. 
Live rock types and grades have changed quite a bit over the years. Fiji rock is not available in a super fresh condition anymore and we have since moved to Manado which is one of the freshest rocks we could find and still airship into the country quickly to preserve the life on the rock. 
We also picked up Real Reef live rock a couple years ago. It's a man-made rock that is colored and looks very natural. It's still treated as live rock and kept in our rock systems. It's a huge advantage over dry rock since it's colored and will look nice in your tank from day one and slowly be covered with natural coralline algae. 
We picked up a dry Pukani rock about a year ago and still offer this today, but we have found starting up a tank with a dry rock can be quite difficult and lead to a lot of algae issues. So we offer Pukani cured as well. It's the same dry rock that has been put into our rock systems for several months. The results are it's clean and full of bacteria and will cycle your tank super fast and won't have as much trouble starting your tank up.
We believe adding these well cured live rocks will start your tank faster and you will have far fewer issues with algae, plus they just look so much nicer than bare white dry rock in your tank. 
We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on Manado rock, Real Reef, and cured Pukani - April 7th through 14th.