ATI T5 Lamps

SHIPPING NOTICE: Due to dimensional box sizes, shipping is higher on these bulbs. VHO/T5 standard triangle box can hold up to 6 bulbs. So you will pay the same shipping price, whether you order 1 to 6 bulbs. You can combine sizes, for example; 2 - 48" bulbs and 2 - 36" bulbs can go in the same box, you pay the longest bulb shipping price. These bulbs will ship from our warehouse, usually in 24 hours. To make your shopping cart total correctly, we need add the shipping WEIGHT for the VHO/T5 bulbs as a product. At checkout, there should be a special offer come up with the shipping box and price or you can use the ones below. The VHO/T5 bulbs have zero weight, so this item must be added to figure shipping correctly.

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