Natures Image Artificial Coral

Natures Image was founded in May 2000 by Walt and Deborah Smith.
Walt Smith has been a leading wholesaler and collector to the aquarium sector of the pet industry for 30 years. Since 1989 Walt, Deborah and their two daughters have lived in the South Pacific where they own and operate collecting stations in The Kingdom of Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands. Currently the Tonga and Fiji station are still in operation and are one of the major suppliers of coral and fish to the pet industry. Along with wild collection Walt has developed the largest operating coral farm in the industry. The Fiji coral farm currently has over 70,000 pieces of coral growing on seven different farm sites throughout Fiji. It is safe to say that Walt Smith is one of the leading coral experts in the world and certainly sees more coral than anyone on a regular basis day in and day out.

Back in May 2000 Walt had the idea to start producing and distributing an artificial version of the corals he loved. Painstaking efforts were put into producing the most accurate molds possible while both Walt and Deborah approved every mold and color combination.

The result of this hard work and refusal to compromise has finally produced the most realistic artificial coral available today. One look at their constantly growing catalog or web site will prove that their efforts have paid off in providing the most beautiful, affordable and accurate artificial corals and invertebrates available in the industry today.

We have the corals divided into three categories. Acropora, Other Corals & misc and the Live Rock.

Acropora Corals

    Other Corals & Misc

    Looks Live Rock

Sub Categories of: Natures Image Artificial Coral

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