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The Metal Halide section is very large, as you can see by the expanded links to your left. We have put together packages for the Sunlight, Icecap and PFO retros and pendants. These were created online for easy ordering.

You can create your own system by going to Separate Components and Replacement bulbs. You'll have choices on ballasts, bulbs, reflectors and pendants. So if you do not see the package you want, just order the items separate. The prices are the same. If you order via phone, you will need the separate codes for the single items, they are listed under the packages.

Some basic guidelines for Metal Halide

One halide bulb will light a 2 foot tank space with direct light. You can run one halide on 3 foot tank, the outer parts are considered indirect but still very powerful.

Wattage depends on the corals and tank depth. 175watt works very well for shallow tanks 20" or less, mixed reef corals and sps and clams when placed higher in the tank. 250watt works very well for tanks up to 30" deep, mixed reef and more concentration on sps and clams. 400watt works very well for tanks up to 48" deep and is usually used for dedicated SPS and clam tanks.

The higher the Kelvin rating (ex: 65K, 10K, 12K) the more blue the bulb will have in it. The 5500-6500K bulbs have a warm white/yellow color. SPS and clams prefer this spectrum since they are shallow water animals. The yellow tint is not always preferred by the hobbyist though. Supplementing with blue actinics helps curve this problem. The 10K Ushio/Hamilton bulbs are crisp white. Works great for just about any coral. They can run with or without actinics, but actinics are recommended. The 12K ReefLux, 14K Hamilton and 20k'S  have more blue tint. They work very well without actinics or with them. Some even supplement with white VHO or PC's. You do loose some intensity (brightness) with these higher kelvin/blue bulbs.

You have several ballast choices in halide. Standard  Probe & Pulse Start ballast which will run just about any bulb and is the most stable/dependable ballasts, also most economical. Electronic ballasts, which are usually more expensive but can save you money on the electric bill. We carry PFO, Icecap, Coralvue and Eballast electronic ballasts.

HQI Double Ended or Standard Lamps. The Double Ended bulbs have been used in Europe for many years. They are just now catching on in the USA. They offer a more clean color spectrum and last longer. They can be installed in less space. They do require HQI ballasts to run and they are only available in full hoods or mini-pendant fixtures. You can install the mini pendants into your canopy. The standard lamps are screw in types, similar to what goes in your household lamps. You have Medium base (70watt and 150watt) which is the same size socket as the household lamp and Mogul Base (175,250,400watt) which is a larger size. These are available in retro kits, full hoods and pendants.

Installation guidelines
We recommend hanging your halide hood or pendant. Usually about 8-12" from the tanks surface. This lets the halide light spread out and being hung, you have less heat problems if any. You can also install your halides into a covered canopy. We would recommend 12" tall with strong 4" cooling fans (icecaps work great). You can install in hoods as low as 6", but protecting from water splash is very important and controlling heat could be a problem

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