A good quality heater is a must in saltwater, especially for your fish. Temperature fluctuations can cause a lot of problems with fish and some corals. Fish can become easily stressed if the temp is changing. A good rule of thumb is to keep your tanks temp within 2 degrees or less. For example, if your tank is running 78 degrees with your lights on, and they go off, make sure your heater keeps your tank at least 76-78 degrees.

To your left you will have links to manufactures of various heaters. We carry MarineLand Visi-therm deluxe and Stealth. WonBrothers, Ehe-Jager Eheim, Hydor and Finnex.

We have glass models, unbreakable glass models and Titanium models. Each model has advantages and disadvantages. Please feel to email or call us. We are always happy to give you a recommendation for your type of tank.

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