You better keep this guy fed, or you are in big trouble!!

High quality food is essential to keep marine fish healthy and to keep their bright colors. A variety is always recommended. We recommend angel fish and tangs be fed a good quality flake food, dried or fresh algae, and maybe a frozen food as a treat. They should be fed at least one or two times a day. Trigger fish like more meaty foods, frozen is usually your best bet, but they need veggies too, the dried algae or flakes works great for them as well.

For corals, most of their energy is received from algae in their tissue, this grows from the lighting you have on the tank, supplementing them with DT's Phytoplankton is a great idea. Some of the larger corals can be hand fed pieces of shrimp or fish.

Great TIP to keep your fish healthy, especially ich prone angels and tangs. Several times a week, soak their food in Selcon, Vitachem, or GARLIC ELIXIR supplement, the dried algae is perfect for this, then feed the fish the soaked food. This will boost their immune system, improve color, and often prevent or even cure ich problems. Feeding tangs and algaes fresh Ogo plant is also beneficial.

What do we use? In our fish systems, we feed the tangs and angels Sea Veggies. We alternate with Selcon, VitaChem or GARLIC ELIXIR to keep them ich free. We feed all the fish Omega One Flake. Then the big guys like triggers, large clowns, groupers, and the Seahorses also get frozen mysis shrimp and squid. The fish that have been here the longest get Omega One and Spectrum Pellet, which is the best all around food we have found. It takes time to get your fish eating pellet though, that is why we start them on flake.

A Great Jumbo Treat: Get a small cup and put a couple of your favorite flake foods, a little frozen brine shrimp, a little frozen mysid shrimp, then soak with vitachem, reef-plus, or Kent-zoe for 10-15 minutes. Then lightly mix up with a spoon or fork and feed the fish. This mixture not only is great for there immune system but triggers an excellent response to the food from the extra smells, even the smallest fish will go nuts. We try to give our fish this jumbo treat once a day, but is time consuming to prepare. If you have corals in the tank, the left over liquid will be absorbed by them as well. Your hermits won't mind the left overs either.

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