To your left, you'll see Several Major brands of full sized inline and drop-in chillers. If you need drop-in coil type, we have  TradeWind. For Inline, we offer TradeWinds, JBJ, IceProbe and AquaEuro. Tradewind is Made in USA chiller and offer a more heavy duty type chiller. The JBJ and AquaEuro are import chillers. JBJ has had an excellent track record as well and is known for being very quiet.  So if you are looking to save a little money compared to the more expensive USA made chillers. the JBJ & AquaEuro are highly recommended. If the most quiet and a slower flow rate is most important, JBJ makes a great choice. 

Tradewind chillers are tough to beat for overall quality and long lasting. They also offer an extended warranty up to 5 years, ask for details.

For small tanks we have the IceProbe and Cl-85 Thermo Electric chiller. These use a large heat sink and fan to cool the water. They work great for smaller tanks when your ambient room temperature is fairly cool. Since they exchange heat on the heat sink, if the room temp is hot, there efficiency drops way down. JBJ and AquaEuro also make 1/15 and 1/10HP chillers which are great for nanos and small tanks. If you need help just ask.

Some Chiller FAQ's

What is the size of the tank & how many degrees you need to cool it?
The tank size recommendations on the charts below are based on a 10 degree pull down. If you need to pull down more than 10 degrees, you will need to purchase a larger unit. In some instances, it does not cost much more to upgrade to the next larger unit. It is better to purchase a slightly larger unit than recommended. Should you decide to purchase a larger tank or have a drastic heat spell in the middle of summer, you will certainly be protected.

How much room do you have and where you would like to place the chiller? If you decide to place it in the stand, you can go with a drop in chiller, however, you will need to vent the stand, otherwise, the unit will not chill properly and will heat up the sump water. Keep in mind that these units do produce heat and can sometimes heat the room. You can vent the heat produced by the chiller with fans and duct work. If you decide to place the unit in the garage or a closet, then you will need an in-line chiller. The return pump can be plumbed through the chiller and back to the tank. However, take into consideration the head pressure and be sure your return pump can handle the pump distance and still pump enough water to the tank.

Do you have a dedicated circuit for the unit?
Some of the larger chillers can draw a lot of electricity. It is best to provide the chiller with a dedicated circuit to prevent an overload.

Single Stage or Dual Stage?
Single stage controllers can control heaters or a chiller but only one unit at a time. This provides you with the option to use the controller for the chiller in the summer and for heaters in the winter. Dual stage controllers will control a heater and chiller at the same time to keep a steadier temperature. Medusa controllers are preset to allow only a .4 degree variation. The digital controllers sold with the Aqualogic & CSL chillers allows you to set the differential between 1-30 degrees from the set point.

How are the chillers shipped.
TradeWind ships direct from the factory usually within 24 hours. AquaEuro, IceProbe & JBJ up to 1/3HP ship from our warehouse, 1/2 and over ship via Pallet from the JBJ factory. Tradewind 1/2compact or smaller can ship via UPS Ground. TradeWind 1/2 or larger need to ship via  a pallet.

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