Calcium/Nitrate Reactors

If you like Small Polyp Stony Corals, and have a medium to large size tank, you should give a Calcium Reactor some serious thought. You can have a great looking tank without one, but they can make life so much easier. They add a constant supply of calcium to the tank by slowly dissolving aragonite sand, they also buffer the tank and add strontium from the aragonite. Really the only additive you will probably need to add is iodine and optionally, phytoplankton.

The up front money is pretty high, but consider the cost of your additives, mainly calcium and then compare the cost savings. After your purchase of the reactor, your only expense is CO2 gas and aragonite media, both on average come out to less than 30-40 dollars a year.

What components do i need? Your basic components are Calcium Reactor, CO2 Regulator w/needle valve and Solenoid, Calcium Media, and CO2 Bottle. We recommend renting or buying your CO2 bottle locally, from a gas/welding type shop, this way you do not have to worry about any problems with the bottle and makes an easy exchange when you need a refill. We do carry brand new bottles if you prefer.

What is our most popular brand? GEO is our #1 selling unit and seems to be receive the best customer feedback. The GEO reactor offers a much easier to setup and use design, not to mention a lower price tag.  Precision Marine & Korallin are both good units as well, but not as popular.  We have found that Korallin is a very efficient unit and uses less co2 gas then any other model, but it's also not the most user friendly model and often hard to install and adjust.

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