Air Pumps

Airpumps are an often overlooked product in saltwater aquariums. They are not only great for air-driven skimmers, but can serve many purposes. If you like the look of air bubbles, they are a great addition to the tank. They add water current to your tank, they increase the ORP/Oxygen levels of your tank, and improve the overall health of the tank. This is especially true with fish only systems.

Two other great uses for airpumps: The battery operated pumps are great for long transport of your new prized fish or corals, or when you loose power. They also can be used to temporarly increase Oxygen during some medicine treatments. That cheap little battery pump might just save 1000 dollars in fish and corals. The last reason, is a temporary tank or bucket for medicating fish. If you get a damaged fish, cloudy eye, mild infection, etc. You can easily syphon off some of your tank water and put in a small 5 gallon tank or bucket, add a small rock and you have a quaranteen tank ready to medicate your fish. Add the airstone, add your medicine and you are set. Often, a cloudy eye, can be cured with as little as 8-24 hour treatment. If you go longer, be sure to change the water.

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