Tom Aquarium Deco Kit - 3gal Aquarium Kit - PC Lighting & Filter

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Tom Aquarium Deco Kit - 3gal Aquarium Kit - PC Lighting & Filter
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- Unique Curving Design offers panoramic viewing.
- Rapids Power filter enables easy installation, easy operation
- Compact Fluorescent Dual Reef 50/50 Lamp enhances fish and corals colors.

3 Gallon Deco Kit includes:
The Deco Kit 3 provides a modern design only available with the versatility of one-piece construction; delivering an innovative profile with leakproof durability. Ideal for home or office, this show aquarium offers the easiest application for the hobbyist who demands high-tech performance in a minimalistic environment.

- Compact Fluorescent Perch-Light Fixture 18W provides direct illumination over the tank.
- Dual Reef Compact Fluorescent Lamp supplies 7,400K Daylight (which simulates bright light on a sunny tropical day) on one half and the other half 14,000K True Actinic (providing blue light for photosynthetic corals).
- Rapids Mini Power Filter provides the best in mechanical, chemical and biological filtration...aerating and filtering the water every hour. Super-efficient, delivering 80 gallons per hour flow rate!

Rapids Mini Power Filter Cartridge filters out undesirable particulate material and purifies the water with highly adsorbing activated carbon). The Bio-Insert provides surface area where beneficial bacteria work to remove toxic ammonia and nitrite.

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