Stellar Air Pump S-10 -10gal to 20gal tank

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Stellar Air Pump S-10 -10gal to 20gal tank

Stellar Air Pump S-10 -10gal to 20gal tank
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A full range of technologically advanced air pumps to fulfill most aquarium air requirements.
These "silent" running air pumps will provide many years of trouble-free operation.

Silent running
Technologically advanced
Five Sizes
ETL (UL) approved

xxxxx S-10 S-20 S-30 W-40 W-60




Amperage 22mA 36mA 36mA 41mA 41mA
Wattage 2.1w 3.2w 3.2w 3.2w 3.3w
Air Volume 0.76 l/m 1.40 l/m 2.0 l/m 2x1.4 l/m 2x2.0 l/m
Air Pressure 2.13psi 2.90psi 3.10psi 2.90psi 3.10psi


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Diaphragm S-10 Replacement $0.99

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